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Click for my DeviantART
Click for my DeviantART ^
I'm on twitter. Following Stephen fry to the ends of the internet. http://twitter.com/legoshoes

Hello there! i'm Will.

I'm 20, & am currently a jobless cretin/trainee smartarse. I enjoy animating, Toilet humour, the interweb in it's entirity and comic strips.

Scrambled Edd and i animate. Animate like some kind of super powered boat-man.
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The amazing toast that is happy, HappyToast Zombified me. how nice!
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Butters did a very good representation of me
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xoh drew me, too! the sexy beast!
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» We have to talk

I sat him down and said...
"apeloverage, we need to talk..."
sadly i didn't have time to say anything else, as he started to ramble on about engineers, Erwin Rommel, Kurt Cobain and Jodie Foster.

length? about as short as my patience.
(Fri 20th Apr 2007, 11:29, More)

» Encounters with Royalty

I am such good friends with her majesty
That i carry around silver and bronze medalions and some pictures with her face on.
These are so popular, i find that so many people want them, so i exchange some (i have lots, fnar fnar) for food stuffs and other such things.

Plus, the queen personally marks each and every one of the letters i receive via the post with a nice self portrait she drew herself.
she's like my nan, she is.
(Thu 3rd Aug 2006, 17:24, More)

» Gambling

Tenner says you won't click this.

(Thu 7th May 2009, 13:33, More)

» Bullies

I've hesistated about posting in this QOTW, not because stories about bullying put me in an embarresing position.
But that it puts me in an extremely guilty position.

See, I was the bully.

I'm not really sure what else to write. Suppose i'm a typical case, Parents divorced when i was 10 which fucked me up no end. My sense of humour was so majorly broken that i genuinely thought pointing out peoples' shortcomings would earn me friends. I never physically hurt anybody, i never teased or picked on anyone in particular. But every time i look back at the way, for example, one of the first days at high school a guy comes up to me and tries to strike a conversation and i echo his squeaky voice back at him, the way i intentionally went around with stickers printed off my gameboy camera asking people to join the "hate reginald club" (name changed, who calls their kid reginald?), makes me cringe.

Listen to me try and victimize myself. I deserve no pity. I was a wretched little bastard with a behavior problem and a child psychologist. My twisted sense of humour earned me nothing but what i deserved, leading me to become that wierdo who does nothing all lunchtime but walk around the playground all alone. I was an idiot, and ended getting the piss ripped out of me by the 'cool kids' (karma anyone?)

Not a day goes by i don't regret all those nasty, hurtful little things i've done. I was mainly friendless in high school because of my actions (That wacky karma). I've apologised to everyone i can find who i picked on and made fun of, and even though i can't say i've fully escaped the vicious circle of self destruction that makes me push people away in such a manner, i hope i'm well on my way to functioning like a normal human being.

So, on behalf of bullies everywhere.

(Fri 15th May 2009, 16:18, More)

» Turning into your parents

Not mine, but
more here
(Fri 1st May 2009, 0:08, More)
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