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» Food sabotage

Food Sabotage
Spitting in tea is too much like hard work, you have to stir the gob until it goes. I find it best to wipe my arse with a teabag and then use it.
(Mon 22nd Sep 2008, 13:52, More)

» Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

Rainbow Topping
I worked at a pizza restaurant once and once a week the area manager would come around and give us a the usual slagging off for a couple of hours before sitting down for her lunch, which was a reuglar 7" meat based pizza with a light seasoning of everyones spit, a splash of piss and occasionally the first few trickles of pre-puke. To her credit, and she must've known what went on in the kitchen, she'd finish the pizza everytime.
(Thu 27th Jul 2006, 6:41, More)

» Running away

Running Away
When I was young I made a habit of running prety much from the age of 13, whenever there was a row I'd pack a bug and bugger off for a day or so. This kept up for quite a few years and my parents eventually gave up on me. Anyway about 4 years ago, the wife and I begrudingly went over to my parents to tell them we were emigrating to Oz. They didn't believe us and even on the odd occasion when mother rings, she reckons there's a divert in place to send the phone call back to England.
(Mon 14th Aug 2006, 4:34, More)

» Apparently I'm a sex offender

Apparently I'm a sex offender
According to the 'net nanny' at work, almost everylink on this board is blocked as pornography (good work fellas!) except for the front page.
(Thu 24th Aug 2006, 6:11, More)