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» Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Never stage a fight
Not exactly sex related, but close enough. When I was in 4th grade, I convinced my neighbor to stage a fight over the new girl at school who just happened to live on the corner of my street. On our way home from school that day, we waited until we saw her & began "play fighting". We had decided that I would win, in an effort to display my manly prowess.

We got a bit carried away with the whole thing & I accidentally gave my friend a bloody nose. Enraged, he responded with a crushing blow to my face. The next thing you know, we were seriously kicking the hell out of each other. My friend was a tough kid...needless to say, he beat me senseless & left me there in a heap on the sidewalk.

Heather (the new girl) came to my aid & walked me to her house to clean up. She became my "girlfriend" that day & believe it or not, we stayed together another 6 years!!!! LOL
(Tue 17th Apr 2007, 8:56, More)

» Barred

Not exactly a pub...
I was ejected & permanently barred from the zoo. I picked up a baby wallaby & it sprung out of my grasp & onto the pavement outside of the exhibit. Realizing I was about to be in big trouble, I chased after the wallaby who clearly was much faster than me. After about 10 minutes of children crying, women screaming & onlookers running in terror, the wallaby was apprehended & I was taken by force to the front entrance where I was manhandled & told never to come back. And that was only the first zoo I was kicked out of :)
(Wed 6th Sep 2006, 9:24, More)