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Tēnā koutou katoa!
Hello from Aotearoa New Zealand!

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(Wed 24th Jul 2013, 4:43, More)

now let's just get one thing perfectly clear

(Wed 8th Aug 2012, 6:26, More)

"Oh hi, can I use your phone?"

(Mon 18th Jan 2010, 5:07, More)

Good morning!

(Tue 2nd Aug 2005, 9:51, More)


(Wed 27th Jul 2005, 5:25, More)

...are you my mummy?

see also
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cruel world

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(Thu 29th Jan 2004, 3:04, More)

for Fnord

(Tue 16th Sep 2003, 1:22, More)

Can't Stop the Music

bigger is better - full-size jpeg of the Manbear People..
(Thu 26th Jun 2003, 0:18, More)

Cats can be so cruel

(Thu 3rd Apr 2003, 1:11, More)

How to scratch your head
and your arse at the same time:

(Wed 12th Mar 2003, 0:58, More)

Baby wants his bottle!

(Thu 13th Feb 2003, 22:03, More)

Nothing to see here

Move along.
(Sun 9th Feb 2003, 22:36, More)

Take a trip away from the every day:

I seem to feel like this most days...
(Mon 19th Aug 2002, 5:34, More)

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