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I asked Mu to draw me People's Elbowing Adrian Chiles in the face whilst Christine Bleakley watched and masturbated.

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Best answers to questions:

» Darwin Awards

Wasp stupidity
One summer our house was being terrorised by wasps. The nest was down at the bottom of the garden and I volunteered to get rid of it. I came up with a plan which involved matches, some newspaper and the tank of petrol we used for the strimmer. Dressed in my wasp-fighting outfit (which consisted of a pair of shorts and my flip-flops), I approached the wasps' nest.

I started by screwing up some newspaper, placing it underneath the wasps nest and lighting it. I then poured petrol onto it.
The fireball was fairly impressive and took the petrol can, the skin on my hands and my eyebrows with it. Within seconds I was surrounded by an angry cloud of flaming wasps. I ran back towards the house with the bastards stinging the fuck out of my bare legs, arms and chest.
I have learned to treat wasps (and petrol) with more respect.

(Thu 12th Feb 2009, 20:09, More)

» Bedroom Disasters

Woke up after a heavy night out in what I thought was my bedroom.
Then I realised I was sitting on a toilet, covered in sick. It was 6.30. Wandered drunkenly around in the dark until I found my way out of the gents toilets and into the bar. Took me what seemed like half an hour to figure out that I had to turn the locks at the top and bottom of the main door at the same time and then I stumbled out of the club, setting the alarms off.
I set off in the direction of what I assumed was home and after a few minutes a couple of police cars shot past me with their sirens on. I asked a kindly passing rastafarian for directions and discovered I was walking in completely the wrong direction. A couple of hours later I arrived back at halls and managed to put my key in the door before I collapsed in the corridor outside my room and fell asleep.
An hour later my delighted hall mates discovered me with my key still in the door.
The next time I woke up I was in bed.
My bed was in the lift, as were most of the contents of my room.
(Thu 23rd Jun 2011, 16:42, More)

» Inflated Self-Importance

I once bought a blow up shed. I'd taken a bird in there for some kinky shed sex but unfortunately a tin of paint fell off one of the shelves, which I realised too late did not offer the rigid support of a wooden shelf, and landed heavily on my erect penis
Needless to say that after this trauma I was unable to continue as I was suffering from a terrible case of inflated shelf impotence.
(Mon 28th Jan 2013, 22:22, More)

» Irrational Hatred

Those little fish symbols that severely disabled people are required by law to put on the back of their cars to warn people that they can barely drive.
It's degrading for them.
(Thu 31st Mar 2011, 19:23, More)

» Life Hacks

(Tue 2nd Jun 2015, 17:49, More)
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