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A student, an engineer, a designer, a guitarist, a bassist, a pianist, a drummer**, a ceilidher, driver, Scot, pizza lover, geek, gadget lover, photographer, climber, mountain biker, skier, walker, general handyman, sometime photoshopper, frisbee player, occasional pyromaniac, mac lover, occasional website builder, knower of things about computers and how they work a bit.

**I could probably just have put musician.

Well large amounts of that are wrong now. These days I'm mostly just Scottish, angry, and pedantic.

I survived the fire, long, long ago.

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» Kids

Kids on trains

Now it would be fair to say that I like very few people who happen to be using a train at the same time as me, but kids on a train are one of the most infuriating breeds possible on a train journey.

A prime example would be my last train journey home, in which I spied a family with a dog and 5 kids waiting to get on the train.

5?!? Idiots.

Bad enough that while waiting for the train doors to open, the kids couldn't be controlled, and were attempting to kick any and all pigeons in sight. (Not to mention one nearly kicked me at one point).

So anyway, once on the train, I made sure to be in a different carriage from said Luddites. This method seemed to be paying dividends for the first half of the journey.

Then me hears a noise, over ridiculously loud mp3's too, so I investigated. As I turned round, 3 of said kids sprinted up the train to the far end.

Then back.

Then up again.

Then back.

Then up AGAIN!

This fun routine was interspersed with climbing on things, bumping into people, and screaming. For 30 minutes.

Eventually, when on their millionth* sprint, the man in the seats opposite me stuck out his arm to stop them.

They did not see said arm, and thusly ended up spread eagled on the floor.

Seldom have I laughed quite as hard as when that happened.

*slight exaggeration
(Thu 17th Apr 2008, 16:23, More)

» Advice from Old People

My Grandad
My grandad gave me that advice that "you should never go anywhere without a compass." No idea why. He infact often carried one around the house.

Interestingly, his house is made largely of granite, so messes up the compass and makes it useless for anything really.
(Thu 19th Jun 2008, 16:33, More)

» Pet Peeves

Kaol and his joys of health and safety reminded me of how much I hate it, pointless waste of time that it always seems to prove itself to be.

One of my best recent examples would be while in a workshop in uni gluing to plastic together, using some of that fancy glue that melts the two bits of plastic together so they become one big stuck together piece.

Remember: glue = melted plastic.

So I went into the workshop, and even went over to the sink in case I made a mess, and I started to glue away. I had 6 parts to glue onto a central piece in total, so I started.

Piece 1 done no bother. Piece 2 done no bother. Piece 3 done with bother? No, with no bother.

At this point a lab technician comes over to me.

"Got to wear gloves and goggles to use that stuff. Health and safety, y'see." says he.

"I've got to wear plastic gloves and plastic goggles to use the glue that melts plastic?" replies I.

"Yeah, health and safety."

"You are aware this glue will melt the protective garments you are forcing me to don?"

"I suppose, but health and safety."

So at this point, I waited until he wandered off, continued gluing with no safety precautions, and then glued a glove to some goggles as a form of protest.
(Wed 7th May 2008, 19:34, More)

» Pet Peeves

Oh, how I hate them so much.

Ok, so they are getting exercise, and they are saving money on petrol and car payments and that kind of thing, but that's about all the pros I can think of.

So now some cons.

- Cyclists at traffic lights. If it's red, then you stop. You want drivers to treat you well, and then complain when they don't, but you don't follow the same rules. I once saw a story about a man complaining that the police had "given him a ticket for turning right through a red light on his bike" because he didn't deserve it.

- Cycle straight. Are you drunk? No? Then cycle straight.

- Get off the pavement. It's where I'm walking. If you're going to cycle on it, then don't expect me to move, and don't have a go at me when I don't.

That'll do for now, need to cool my blood.
(Thu 1st May 2008, 23:40, More)

» When Animals Attack

Crows = Stupid
One day, I heard a very loud bang come from my bedroom, which confused me slightly, what with no-one being in it and all that.

So I went through, and there was a mark on the window.

"Ah," thought I, "some young rapscallion has kicked a ball against my window."

But no. Upon closer inspection, there were patterns on the window. In fact, the distinct pattern of a crow and it's wings fully outspread.

I then looked down, and there was a slightly worse for wear* crow lying on the ground.

Stupid bird.

(Sat 26th Apr 2008, 11:08, More)
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