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Hello. I am, for various reasons, being a 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 year old lay-about in Sheffield.

I'm the resident code monkey over at 5punk, where b3ta-types play games and shout at each other.

This is me by the lovely In Vino Veritas. I hope she can still see.

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Hurrah for Christ: MD

(Thu 9th Nov 2006, 18:19, More)

I don't think Jesus would approve, actually.

(Mon 28th Nov 2005, 18:11, More)


Woo! Thanks all!
(Tue 22nd Nov 2005, 18:00, More)

Food shopping

More Doug & Bill

(Sat 25th Jun 2005, 19:24, More)

New from JML...

(Sun 26th Sep 2004, 23:16, More)

Here- have this while I sleep.

Good night!
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 3:42, More)

Bloody students.

More Doug & Bill
(Thu 19th Aug 2004, 23:57, More)

Early mistakes in Advanced Cross Breeding #1

The Bunion.
edit: FP? Really? Can I pimp this then?
Doug & Bill: Flash

(Sat 22nd May 2004, 16:37, More)


(Thu 20th May 2004, 22:27, More)

I think she might have eastern roots.

Biggie (270k)
(Thu 29th Apr 2004, 3:17, More)

Best answers to questions:

» People with Stupid Names

I was rather amused by the American Olympic Tennis player.
He got in a bit of a strop because of a dodgy decision. His name was Mardy Fish.
(Thu 26th Aug 2004, 11:50, More)

» Slang Survey

I heared a word today,
and have tried to express it using letters- not a simple task.

'Iya-Werraya?'. - "Hello my good friend. I have arrived at the agreed meeting place and I am currently looking for you."
(Mon 2nd Feb 2004, 19:12, More)

» Dad Jokes

Not exactly a joke,
but whenever my dad get drunk at a party he insists on doing his Dissappearing Ball Of Paper trick. He thinks we can't see it being thrown three feet in to the air behind him.
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 13:24, More)