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I am a girl. I am not a boy. I like things. I've been away a while.

Camp Freddy is a character from the original Italian Job - he worked for Mr Bridger on the outside. Great film, great cars.

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She only went in to get her roots done

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she don't need no balaclava....

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Oooo missus

Yes, I checked they were real and in the UK.
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winter draws on etc

sorry if bin dun.
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» Little Victories

I sued the council.....
While at a meeting, my motorbike - which had a valid pay-and-display ticket displayed in a second tax disc holder on the bike - got two parking tickets within one hour, which in itself is illegal.

After 9 months appealing against both tickets and obviously winning, I decided I was feb up with Southwark wasting my time. So I sent them an invoice for my time spend on this. When they didn't pay, I took them to the small claims court - AND WON!

And I got a cheque for £300. Hahaha in your face Soutwark!
(Thu 10th Feb 2011, 12:27, More)

» Family Feuds

Where was he for 10 years?
I've read some very touching stories here and so I thought I would lighten the mood a little with a story my friend Annie told me about her nutty family.

Annie and her mum and dad had been invited to a family bash. Annie's mum had a sister but they had sort of lost touch and so hadn't spoken for years. However, this reunion had forced them to come together again. Annie's mum told Annie that her sister was mad and untrustworthy. However, when Annie met her aunt, it turned out she was just a little eccentric and lots of fun.

As the evening wore on, family stories came out. At one point, Annie's aunt asked Annie if she knew why there was such a big age gap (ten years) between her and her sister. Annie didn't know and it was clear that Annie's mum didn't want Annie to know either. However, a few sharp glances down the table weren't going to shut the aunt up.

"well" she said, "the reason that we were born so far apart was because my father shot a man because of a horse, and was banged up in prison for ten years - bet your mum never told you that story".

The two sisters didn't speak again for another four years.
(Thu 12th Nov 2009, 22:00, More)

» Irrational Hatred

when the media put "gate" at the end of a name relating to a scandal
eg: Sachsgate, Camillagate etc etc.
Watergate was one word, it was a name of a hotel. It wasn't a scandal about water.
Why do they do this, it makes no sense.
(Fri 1st Apr 2011, 18:55, More)

» Little Victories

I took on the council/getting out of parking tickets
I came home late one night after visiting my mate with a brain tumour. I had to park on a single yellow line outside my house as all the permit bays were full.

When I came out of my house to move it at 8.10am, the council had already towed it away - and charged me £180 for the privilege of getting my car back. I appealed as I felt it was excessive and should have been a parking ticket only (no towing) as it was a quiet road.

I appealed. But I didn't get a reply for weeks and wondered what the legal limit was for appeal responses. No one could tell me so I decided to read the Road Traffic Act to find out. The law states that the council HAVE to reply within 56 days from receipt of appeal letter. If they don't respond by then, it is presumed that the council have accepted the appeal and all money should be refunded.

On day 57 I called up Haringey Council and told them I wanted my money back. After trying to tell me that I'd get a response soon, I told them that it was too late and if I didn't get my money back immediately, I would sue them.

They spluttered and then agreed I was right and sent me a full refund.

Hahhahaha up yours Haringey!!!!
(Thu 10th Feb 2011, 12:35, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

Shampoo - making rape sexy!
The one I really remember was a pretty dodgy advert for shampoo (Super Soft) which featured a village dealing with a viking invasion - burning huts, raping and pillaging (though to be fair, they don't say raping but they mean it).

One girl prepares for the rape/pillage by WASHING HER HAIR....hurrah! Now she is all ready to be grabbed by a 'sexy' viking, flung over his shoulder and taken off to be raped - and she feels soooo pretty. Well that's alright then.

It was early 70s but even then I knew it was wrong.

OMG I just found it!!! Worse than I thought, she even giggles!
(Mon 19th Apr 2010, 11:32, More)
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