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The OCD in me hates that unused port.

(Thu 20th Jan 2011, 0:57, More)

Office time is fun time!

(Wed 6th Jan 2010, 20:05, More)

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» Call Centres

I despise telemarketers.
As soon as internet was available through my cable TV provider I ditched the home phone. I loved it because my wife and I both had cell phones and telemarketers aren't supposed to call your cell. for 10 years I never had to worry about telemarketer calls until one day...

My cable Tv / internet provider decided to start offering home phone service as well and thought that they needed to call me once a month to offer it to me. Every time they called I told them the same thing. "I don't want a home phone because I don't want jerks like you calling me and trying to sell me things i don't want. You are in effect trying to sell me on telemarketing calls with a telemarket call." I ask to be removed from their phone list and they tell me they have but one month later I get the same call.

Finally I went to my cable provders office and asked to have my phone number changed as I had given them my cell number when I signed up. When they asked for my new number I gave them the number that the telemarketers kept calling me from.

Problem solved. Now when they try to call me they ring themselves up!
(Thu 3rd Sep 2009, 19:55, More)

» My Arch-nemesis

My dad kidnapped my son
When he was 7 and disappeared with him for several days. My parents have always wanted him to be their son because they never liked me and I was an only child so he was their sedcond chance to raise a kid and actually show them "love" this time.

The police questioned mom but never arrested her since she was not the one who had taken him. She wouldn't tell them where my dad was and all she would say was that he took him away and that I would never see him again. Also my dad was a local cop (read another crooked local cop) so this added to the lack of help from the local police.

Luckily since my dad left the state with him it became a federal case so the FBI are the ones who finally caught my dad and got my son back. He was released later because there was no evidence that he had crossed state lines other than the word of my son who was a minor and that wasn't enough evidence since he was caught in state. So it had to be handled by the local police. The local police refused to do anything to their friend so my dad got away with it. At the time I didn't care i had my son back.

So anyway after all that I cut all contacts with my parents. They had done crazy stuff to me and my son for years I could overlook but that was kind of a biggie. The real clencher is that they sued me last year to have visitation rights with my son AND WON!!! Thank you local crooked judge! There's a lot more to it than that but long story short, I'm court ordered to make my son go stay with my crazy kidnapper parents every month.

The system works gentelmen!
(Fri 30th Apr 2010, 18:10, More)

» Easiest Job Ever

I watch other people work.
I'm a roadway construction inspector. I usually sit in an air conditioned truck playing on my iPhone listening to music and watching to make sure the guys doing the actual work aren't messing anything up. Occasionally I do have to get out and talk to them for a few minutes or look at something up close but that's as close to "work" as that job gets. I'm not allowed to do any actual work on the job and can be fired for helping them work.

I shouldn't complain at all, but the thing is I don't care much for it. I'd rather be actually working on something. It's lead me to take on an additional night job so I can actually work on things. I actually put in over 60 hours a week at the second job on top of my 40 hours of easy work. I go to my main job to "rest". I guess I'm not very good at being lazy. Lots of people would love to have a job where they did nothing all day, but for me it's like torture.
(Fri 10th Sep 2010, 5:21, More)

» Ginger

Village of the damned.
Red hair runs in my family as I have a few ginger aunts and uncles. My hair is dark brown, at least on my head. A bit over a year ago i decided to grow a beard. Nothing fancy just a chin only deal. Well facial hair is more colorful than most so my beard is kind of brown but for the most part it's red. I never thought much about it until one day my job took me to a small town called Imboden, Arkansas. It's the kind of place you'd never go visit or even stop at while passing through but I had to eat lunch there. I went in a small diner and ordered and as I was sitting there looking around I noticed it. All but one of the 12 other people in this diner had red hair. The one guy who didn't was elderly and mostly bald save for a few small white hairs which I'd almost bet used to be red at some point. I'm not claiming it's from imbreeding but I'm not saying it's not either. As I slowly realized this a fear like I have never known swept over me. I had never been so glad I had grown a beard in my life. It's probably the only reason the townfolk didn't lynch me. I mean these were backwoods ginger rednecks and I knew I was somewhere I probably shouldn't be. Now I grew up as one of about 10 white kids in a school of 400 other black kids so I was used to occasional teasing over differences but I've never been so scared or felt more a minority than I did in that situation, despite being part ginger myself. If work ever sends me back I'll pack a lunch.
(Thu 25th Feb 2010, 18:26, More)