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Game coder by trade, but enjoy pottering around with art too in my occasional free time.

Twitter: @Pizopop
Where I entertain a loyal following of around a dozen bots with sporadic Tweets (mostly of stuff I've made for here).

Redbubble: Pizopop's Shop
An experiment to see which I get first - a T-Shirt sale or a cease and desist letter.

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Very naughty!

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One for each tribe to keep the peace

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You'll believe a man can fly - as for the rest...

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The Monster Men - by Roger Horrorgrieves

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I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't let you cross yet.

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Killing the competition

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Is this the way to Barnard Castle?
I'm a lockdown flouting asshole.

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The last Battenberg Galactica on a lonely quest...for a nice cuppa tea to accompany it.

(Sat 4th Jul 2020, 17:20, More)

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The catering at the annual lesbian conference was a huge success
Everyone loved the 'all you can eat muffet'
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