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They've had years to refine the voting system
(Fri 19th Oct 2018, 20:52, More)

"Maybe if I poke it with this..."

(Sat 13th Oct 2018, 1:41, More)

Pass the marshmallows

(Wed 3rd Oct 2018, 22:09, More)

The Zuckerman farm falls on hard times

(Mon 1st Oct 2018, 17:38, More)

Two and a half hours of funeral services

(Fri 28th Sep 2018, 20:15, More)

A great snack needs a powerful anthem

(Sun 23rd Sep 2018, 18:10, More)

Let your healing fingertips do the walking

(Sat 22nd Sep 2018, 12:30, More)

(Fri 14th Sep 2018, 22:29, More)

His other team wasn't working out so well

(Sat 1st Sep 2018, 3:29, More)


(Fri 24th Aug 2018, 20:50, More)

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» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

The catering at the annual lesbian conference was a huge success
Everyone loved the 'all you can eat muffet'
(Thu 15th Nov 2018, 18:25, More)