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» B3TA fixes the world

So, this global helium shortage...
...as reported by 'Bang Goes the Theory' on BBC1.

Why can't they just go up and get the balloons back?
(Mon 26th Sep 2011, 19:31, More)

» Sexism

...it's not funny or rocket science but...

Men and women are different and they are good at different things. Men should be encouraged to do what they do best, and likewise for women. There will always be a cross over so neither sex should be banned from doing what they choose (legal considerations aside, of course). However, if a role requires a skill commonly done by a man (because they are better at the task) it is not sexist to give him the job over a woman. It's just logical.

Oh, and women are less likely to be funny as all they do is talk about their lady bits and try to out-gross the men.

(Sat 2nd Jan 2010, 22:05, More)

» Stories of unsurpassed brilliance

(originally shared in 2010 on another qotw)
Sitting in a bar in Spain, my grandmother looks up at the night sky and says, "is that the same moon as we get back home?"
(Sat 24th Dec 2016, 12:57, More)

» Bizarre habits

I asked the boyf...
...if I had any OCD type behaviour worthy of adding to this QOTW challenge but he refused to answer.

Not sure what to make of that.
(Fri 2nd Jul 2010, 22:36, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

On a planetary theme...
There's my gran who asked if the moon she saw in Spain was the same as the one she sees in the UK.

Then there's my friend from somewhere I used to work who claimed science was not taught at her school and so it's not her fault she didn't know that the earth orbited the sun.

Anyone who thinks astrology is true yet doesn't think it's odd that no two newspapers record the same 'fortune'.
(Thu 18th Mar 2010, 22:57, More)
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