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very very deeeeeeeeeeeeep (adaptation) (the world has already ended)

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» Fancy Dress Failures Pt 2

Skater Gurrl
Yeah, this totally happened to me. We were teenagers, My friends were moving to Toronto for a Bunac thing and there was to be a big ol' fare-ye-well party. I was informed that the theme was 'dress Canadian' and dutifully did so. Who is Canadian? Why, Avril Lavigne is Canadian!

Superb, I shall dress up like her then. Lovely lady Lavigne.

Right, have I got the required get-up? Hmmm. No, not quite. Ah, but someone I know does:

*ring-ring, ring-ring -


"hi! I am going to a Canadian-themed party this Friday and want to dress as Avril Lavigne. I thought I ought definitely call you because you have lots of clothes that I could use to make me look like her!"

"what? really? uh, well, ok..."

Way to go, massively offending a girl at my school who I really like, and was - now this is important - also someone who was central to many social opportunities. Ooops. Anyway, she did lend me some baggy jeans. What else? Eye-liner (A.L. was once quoted saing that she made eye-liner trendy), straightened hair, a cut-up piece of a striped sock superfluously at my elbow-fold. Some wrist-warmers. A plectrum in my ear. All ready!

I am SO EXCITED about this party! I wonder what other people will dress up as?! Stroll to the bar in town. Wander through to the booked back-room space, and - BAM. Nobody seems to be in fancy dress... Oh no...

*cue the wiped-off cheery Friday night grin; now replaced with a surly pout.

Great, now I look the part completely. And, in addition, I just look like a 'normal' everyday emo for the rest of the evening. Nobody knows I was dressed up as a Canadian. I think I only lasted until about 1am.
(Fri 1st Nov 2013, 20:29, More)

» Encounters with politicians

Gordon Brown: unexpected handshake
At Jimmy Reid's funeral in Glasgow, 2010. The church was full but they had put speakers outside for all of us standing around in the church grounds to hear the service. It was surprisingly sunny. He was a decent fellow that Jimmy Reid. He had a lot of friends and admirers in Glasgow.

I left the church grounds after the coffin departed, and was stood by the road. All of a sudden Gordon Brown appeared from nowhere. He shook the hand of the person standing beside me and then before I knew what was happening he was shaking my hand too, saying it was a sad day.

Quite surreal.
(Mon 4th May 2015, 23:07, More)