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no way was I searching for how many nipples a cat has... :(
(Thu 12th Mar 2015, 22:25, More)

Some cheating going on?

(Thu 23rd Jan 2014, 15:15, More)

At least no one has done King Dong yet...

(Mon 23rd Dec 2013, 18:16, More)

Who the bloody hell voted for chickens?

need a sleep now :/
(Thu 17th Oct 2013, 12:04, More)

And your policies are?

(Tue 24th Sep 2013, 22:09, More)

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» Lurid Work Stories

Polyurethane foam
is made by mixing two liquid chemicals and then injected into a mould at seriously high pressures.
We had a big cheese from a major customer come visit to see the research and processes involved. Unfortunately during the mould injection demo the injector head blew - covering the VIP from head to foot. Now bearing in mind that, within 20 seconds, 1.0 litre of the liquid will then expand into foam the size of a small car - we had to cut the poor blighter out...
(Fri 6th Sep 2013, 11:42, More)

» Not-stalgia

Those were the days/Happy Days!
Errr - no they weren't. We had an outside loo with no light and newspaper to wipe yer arse. And in winter it was an absolute delight to try to melt the frozen bog with pee (after trudging through the snow).
No central heating - just a coal fire in the living room, that was only lit during the day. Layers of blankets & coats on the bed in winter AND ice on the inside of the window.
Cold, hungry and poor sums it up...
(Wed 4th Sep 2013, 18:45, More)