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After the smoke clears...

(Wed 10th Jul 2019, 15:27, More)

“The guy is an epic f*ck-up. He’s so dense that light bends around him.”

(Tue 9th Jul 2019, 13:34, More)

No, but yeah, but no.

(Sat 6th Jul 2019, 19:46, More)

Mr Trump and the parade.

(Thu 4th Jul 2019, 15:02, More)

Coming soon.

(Mon 1st Jul 2019, 23:12, More)


(Mon 24th Jun 2019, 16:49, More)

duummm dummm... duuuummm duum... duuummmmm dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dummmmmmmm dummmm

(Thu 20th Jun 2019, 17:25, More)

Just a harmless, bumbling clown.

(Mon 17th Jun 2019, 14:10, More)

The Conservative Party Party.

(Wed 12th Jun 2019, 13:47, More)


*edited thx to Tribs :)
(Wed 12th Jun 2019, 12:01, More)

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