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# NEW! from DC games...
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 12:28, archived)
# v good
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 13:14, archived)
# Hey what do you all think about the social contagion of yawning?
Like maybe we could just project a giant image of a yawning person above a city and everyone would yawn and it would be such a powerful moment in history that everyone resigned

Anyway my sources are a dream I had and this article I found on google scholar that kind of fits what I want to say

(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 13:20, archived)
# This is how Putin is going to administer the Russian Covid vaccine.
He'll project a giant image of a yawning person above a city, and when everyone looks up and yawns he'll drop the vaccine into their open mouths, using chemtrails.
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 13:52, archived)
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 15:41, archived)
# Well I got bored reading that and it made me yawn, which proves it.
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 15:43, archived)
# Excellent.
(, Tue 11 Aug 2020, 17:07, archived)