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A well-balanced Scotsman has a chip on both shoulders.

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The Arrival Of Megabel

(Fri 23rd Sep 2022, 8:34, More)

Can’t believe he did this with the whole world watching

(Sun 18th Sep 2022, 11:52, More)

“Funny story…”

(Mon 12th Sep 2022, 13:00, More)

(Thu 23rd Jun 2022, 17:38, More)

This Is Fine (Cost Of Living Crisis Edition)

Note: Took b0rk3d’s idea and ran with it!
(Fri 17th Jun 2022, 13:07, More)

(Tue 14th Jun 2022, 12:06, More)

(Mon 18th Apr 2022, 1:11, More)

(Wed 23rd Mar 2022, 21:00, More)

(Mon 7th Mar 2022, 8:23, More)

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop having ‘work meetings’

(Sun 27th Feb 2022, 16:27, More)

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» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

My doctor is terribly boastful. Went for a prostate exam and he just had try and one up me.
(Thu 10th Sep 2020, 22:02, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

Holiday raffle joke
Saw there was a raffle on to win a holiday in France.
I thought ‘What have I got to lose?
And I won!
I thought ‘What have I got? Toulouse.’
(Fri 24th Jun 2022, 17:59, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

Coffee shop joke
Saw this guy beating up a woman in a coffee shop
A Costa?
Yeah, fucking battered her.
(Fri 24th Jun 2022, 17:58, More)