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A well-balanced Scotsman has a chip on both shoulders.

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this is not a pipe

(Sun 17th Feb 2019, 9:38, More)

(Tue 8th Jan 2019, 7:14, More)

Iím A Celeb

edit:sorry problem with imgur
(Mon 19th Nov 2018, 21:31, More)

Before you die. You see.

(Mon 15th Oct 2018, 16:53, More)

(Sat 25th Aug 2018, 20:13, More)

(Wed 22nd Aug 2018, 16:57, More)

(Sat 28th Jul 2018, 18:25, More)

edited *again" to fight against some top class pedantry
(Mon 23rd Jul 2018, 11:25, More)

where is room 237?

(Fri 20th Jul 2018, 17:21, More)

Can you stop vandalising my door?

(Thu 19th Jul 2018, 16:05, More)

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