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This is a question Little things that turn you on

What are the odd little things that turn you on? OK, so nudity (or a pulse) does it for most people, but everyone's got their own quirks. Tell B3ta about it. It's all the for the best, you know.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 15:16)
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oooo chokers here too
a nice bare tummy mmmmmmmmmmm
and ponytails
and chokers
and cuddling

and best of all - my cl in germany
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:39, Reply)
Every morning when I hear my mum get out of bed...
... the headphones get put on in readyness for the daily juice delivery.....
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:38, Reply)
tattoos and piercings turn me on especially eyebrow. Brightly dyed hair. Nice hands. Big boots for some reason.. i am also a bit of a masochist so hand cuffs and blindfolds and biting and spanking and such.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:26, Reply)
Gotta love 'em, spesh blonde uns
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:26, Reply)
Nice hands
God its been years since a guy whos been intrested in me has had nice hands!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:22, Reply)
in general but especially ones with good arms, nice manly hands and blue eyes. does anyone have one spare??

should also say that little things might turn you on - but big things are even better!!

geeky edit: a "fetish" is anything that makes someone ejaculate. this is why technically only men can really have fetishes. trust me, i'm a lawyer [aka boring bitch].
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:21, Reply)
heads shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes
more specifically, eyes
sexy hair and a good smell
mmmmmmmmmm good smell
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:21, Reply)
hmmm..... bisexuals have a hard time wiv dis one
1) shaven haven
2) blondes
3) gothy makeup
(I realise hat 2 and 3 rarely go together)
1) not afraid to wear makeup
2) shaven haven
3) cute eyes + smile

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:20, Reply)
I like good, strong arms, but not too muscley, with a light tan and non-hairyness.
Longish, mabye straggly hair, not bald or near to it.
Smooth chests (hmmm, it would seem I like my men effeminate..)
That muscle that shows when men clench their jaws. Mawaw..
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:08, Reply)

Wearing a choker....MMMMMMmmmmm

Nimble Colin and the rest, I reckon its a master-slave submission type thing - sort of bondage-lite.

Glasses, stockings.

And norks, obviously!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:03, Reply)
I was thinking what future QOTW qould be
and what turns you on was one of them.

funnily enough, the first answer that came into my head was 'drainpipes'

EDIT: that and a woman in a tie.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:52, Reply)
Turned on
Any guy with smouldering indifference a la Colin Firth
Colin Firth with long hair
Colin Firth with short hair
Colin Firth wet or dry
Colin Firth smothered in Galaxy chocolate girding his indifferent loins

Oh and strangely, the smell of toast always makes me think of ruffty, anyone any ideas why? Brain tumour perhaps?
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:43, Reply)
Womens personalities
Oh and Scottish accents;)
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:42, Reply)
I love guys who are cuddily and like h*ugs (when I say cuddily I just mean they have a bit of flesh on them, but not really overweight. Think Tom from Keane or Tom from McFly and you'll get the idea) Nice, longish hair is lovely, and I'll probably end up platting it, so he'll have to not mind me doing that. H*ugs and probably hair stroking, although I haven't had a bf yet so I don't really know. I agree with a previous post (well, it was my sisters!!!) that guys that want to wait for marriage (I know, few and far between) is really great! Welsh accents are great as well as some Scottish, Irish and American. I think that's it!
Edit: A couple more: Nice eyes, black eye liner, nice smile and fingerless gloves
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:41, Reply)
Worn as moustaches. By horses.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:38, Reply)
I come from Hampshire, live in Surrey, am rather self-depracating and enjoy being a bit gay cos I'm bi. Any chance? ;)
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:37, Reply)
neck nibbling

and for some reason, i really like to kiss that little spot right below the lower lip, above the chin. boys tend to laugh at me for that... *shrug*
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:37, Reply)
Where to Begin...
Women on horseback - Something about the motion of the pelvis as they trit-trot along, plus the tight trousers and knee-high boots.
Boys with long hair - (Yes, I'm bisexual as well as transvestite) because they look so pretty.
Boys dressed as girls - Both of my hobbies rolled into one.
Girls dressed as boys - same as above
Goths - but only the slender, pretty ones
Outdoor nudity

more as and when I think of them
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:32, Reply)
A pulse.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:29, Reply)
A Woman wearing one of my shirts
and summer dresses.
and glasses
and long hair tied up with those chop stick things
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:28, Reply)
I love guys with longish hair, I hate short/shaved hair- it just looks unattractive to me. Nice eyes and smile. I'm a totally tactile person (esp. feet) so just cuddling and touching is lovely! Welsh, well spoken English accents (not toffs) (yeah I'm a Brit but living in London you hardly hear that!) and Irish/N.Irish accents. Oh yeah, guys who don't wanna shag me until marriage is totally cute quirk as well!!!!!!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:22, Reply)
ok fantastic german......
Welsh accent = yes.
Scottish accent = yes.
Geordie accent = yes.
German accent = yes.

French accent = no. A real turnoff. I don't know why..... it's not weird, honest.....
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 18:01, Reply)
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:59, Reply) let me see...
...a chunky, expensive looking watch on a man's wrist and the merest hint that he might be flirting with me. So much the better if he's smart and funny.

Biting is good too, but only if I really like him! ;o)

And reading some of these replies :oO

From a dedicated lurker to all the non-lurkers - keep up the excellent work, I doff my hat to you!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:54, Reply)
hmmm little things........................................................................................
discussing the cistine chapel the other day and thought about cherubs with their little rosy cheeks and protruding little bellies, imagine their little wings fluttering against your scrotum as you rear ended them and they're sometimes pictured with one little finger in their mouths all angelic like but really gagging for it....what's that mother the nurse is here but no I don't want the.............
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:53, Reply)
Horse riding posh girls talking dirty..
something about jodhpurs to.

And I agree with the scratching ones to, stange but pleasant!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:44, Reply)
kissing my neck
thats so turns me on when a guy kisses my neck
oh, and is taller thn me
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:43, Reply)
I find girls with spiky hair rather lovely.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 17:39, Reply)

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