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# Ok, who ordered the Chinese Take-Away Woo Yay?

Careful, its still hot.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:38, archived)
# That is utterly
├╝berfantastic. You sir, are a genius.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:40, archived)
# Superb
Pat on the back for you sir
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:41, archived)
# fucking hell
i am very impressed.

now.. go hunt down fellow brighton b3tans and take photos of them. or go to the falmer sussex uni digs and get a photo of my mate andy who lives on east slope.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:42, archived)
# Boo Nay
I can't see all of it! It gets so far and then seems to corrupt and loop from the beginning again!

Is this a side effect of having a 56k modem?
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:51, archived)
# It is indeed
I myself are on a 56k too (see my profile) Keep re-loading and it'll show the whole thing after a while.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:56, archived)
# Im here now
It was me it was me it was me, i ordered it thank you sooo much. You have made me and my anniversary that little bit more fan-fucksocking-tastic now by meeting my orders.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 20:58, archived)
# That
is truly fab.
(, Sat 18 May 2002, 21:19, archived)