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# 'You know this one fact about aboout nuclear power plants? This one thing is actually clean'
'Yeah, but this other thing isn't clean at all, it's very, very dirty.'
^That is what happened.
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 2:56, archived)
# I was never told about the mandatory bathing in nuclear waste.
I must research further.
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 3:02, archived)
# The bathing thing was just my pathetic attempt at use of literay devices in order to convey my point.
Nuclear waste IS nasty stuff though.
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 3:05, archived)
# I think there should be some kind of regulatory system in place for its safe dispoal
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 3:09, archived)
# Something other than dig a big hole and forget about it would be nice, yes.
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 3:10, archived)
# How about we put it in a big hole and then remember about it?
Or just hide it inside your mum.
(, Fri 18 Jun 2010, 0:00, archived)
# Ha in a million years those spent fuel rods will just be plain old graphite
(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 3:03, archived)
# fun fact: even if we build 100 new power plants, 99% of the nuclear waste that will ever be created has already been done
thanks to new much more efficient designs etc., plus these designs have been created so that it's a physical impossiblity of a chernobyl disaster ever happening
(, Sat 19 Jun 2010, 1:42, archived)