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[challenge entry]
I'm pretty sure only Aussies with young kids will get this.

Fuck you Jimmy Giggle! (76 kb)

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(, Sat 23 Jul 2011, 13:35, archived)
# That fucking thing will drive me to strigicide one day.
And I bet Jimmy Giggle deals crack outside schools as well.
(, Sat 23 Jul 2011, 13:48, archived)
# oh mate
the children's tv wronguns list gets longer.
Big cook often looks like he's come in straight from a week long session and Little cook looks like a kiddie fiddler
(, Sat 23 Jul 2011, 13:58, archived)
# Big Cock Little Cock.
Every day it's mince.
(, Sat 23 Jul 2011, 14:58, archived)