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# Welcome, Jimmy Lasers
Top tip: don't say your work is sh1t.
Or, alternatively, don't post it if you really think this is the case.
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:18, archived)
# why not?
i do
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:20, archived)
# Why would you degrade what you did, even before anyone has seen it?
We're perfectly capable of doing this for you ;)
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:25, archived)
# Also, tell me about your hands
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:25, archived)
# somebody thought it would be funny
to slip me a tablet when i was out on saturday night. ended up sat in a chair in a scummy little nightclub, grooving off my hands. when my mates realised i hadn't just gone to the loo, they grabbed me and we buggered off. took 4 hours before i felt a bit normal again. still, it meant i didn't drink much!
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:30, archived)
# Ooof

I hope your hands were groovy enough to keep you entertained
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:37, archived)
# indeed they were
i'm not exactly snow white on the whole drugs thing, but it'd be nice if i'd been given the chance to say no. coming up on something unexpectedly is freaky!
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:40, archived)
# I imagine so!
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:51, archived)
# or alternatively
ignore mediocre and every one is nervous to post for the first time :P
Welcome to your new addiction, your gif isn't shit :D
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:37, archived)
# Oh, that's your top tip is it? Ignore mediocre

(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 19:39, archived)