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# i thought it was fucking terrible
im not much of a fan of american comic book movies, but it was really, really bad.

That liev shreiber is a good looking fella. Nice beard.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:12, archived)
# it really was.
on the plus side, finally watched star trek tonight.
it did not suck.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:13, archived)
# yes it was
emos in space
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:15, archived)
# it could have been much worse
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:17, archived)
# i didnt like that much either, though it was better than eggs men
Too much baffling cinematography (CONSTANTLY sweeping / moving cameras, too much lens flares etc) and some sci-fi movie cliches that keep bugging me, like why did the baddies have to LOOK evil, and have a big pointy EVIL spaceship, that was all darkly lit and EVIL inside?

I hate it when sci-fi film baddies look evil just because they are evil. I mean, really - what benefit does a baddies ship have being poorly lit, full of chasms and deadly drops, sparks flying and loose tubing?
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:20, archived)
# the lensflare was a bit much
but as to why the bad guys have to look evil, well, the american film board view the american public as drooling spastic shitcunts, so they try to make things as easy on them as possible.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:23, archived)
# What was up with engineering?
It looked like a 20th century chemical plant. Not even the Enterprise on Star Trek:Enterprise looked that bad.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:34, archived)
# they were trying way too hard
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:40, archived)
# i thought the tech design on enterprise was excellent
futuristic, yet believable
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:42, archived)
# It did come out looking right
Managed to appear like what it was supposed to be, namely a lower-tech version of the original series, and without a big-arsed wide diameter metal pipe in sight! Shame it got cancelled; most of the stories in the final two years were rather good (and a hell of a lot better than Voyager).
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:57, archived)
# the xindi story arc was amazing, and i liked pretty much all of the crew members a lot.
It sickened me when i heard that bit in the new film where simon pegg killed porthos (archer's dog) in a transporter experiment. Cunts.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 23:13, archived)
# i saw x3 and that wolverine one
both awful. the franchise is dead
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:13, archived)