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# That's probably it. I think I've been able to drink some wines in the past, but never fully enjoyed it.
Port's not bad, I have to say.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:13, archived)
# Yes, Port tastes lovely, terrible hangover though.
Best flavoured wine I've tasted is home made Damson (very strong fruity flavour)especially sparkling.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:19, archived)
# It gets you drunk REALLY fast, too, which I'm not sure I like, to be honest.
I prefer to have a couple before I really feel affected, be social and all that.

I don't really get hangovers, but I've been told I'll start getting them all the time when I'm older, which I can definitely say I'm not looking forward to.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:23, archived)
# My theory is that the liver becomes less efficient and the acetaldehyde
from alcohol breakdown hangs around longer.
I don't really get them, I avoid drinking that much.
(especially with the meds I'm on.
Unexpected wine strength!
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:29, archived)
# Mm, medically, that's a very valid theory.
Of course, there's other factors, like hydration, if you've had something to eat beforehand, etc. I think right now I'm doing rather well. If I hadn't had such a big tea, I'd be hammered right now.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:33, archived)
# Hydration, I found out about that last summer
started Lithium* pills and went cutting wood in the sun...
Very odd feeling of weakness and confusion. I'm so used to er,
'oddness' that I just see it as an experience. 0.5l of water and I was fine.

*for recurrent depression
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:41, archived)
# Any kind of drug, even caffeine, never goes well without a decent amount of hydration.
The worst it's ever been for me is when I drank one too many a few years ago and ended up painting my friend's garden and bathroom with technicolour yawns. It's a wonder I'm still allowed back there. XD
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:47, archived)
# As a teenager, at one party
I was in such a state people(??)dragged me somehow to a bus stop, paid the driver and said "get rid of him".
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 2:02, archived)
# There's nothing more disorientating and confusing than waking up in your own bed the morning after.
At least in my case, where I was apparently dragged home. Bad times.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 2:10, archived)
# Funny really, ethanol is really an anaesthetic, normally skilled medical people are required to administer them.
And shops selling bottles containing a fatal dose are everywhere.
Twisted old world it is.
I'd better sort the fire out and I'm getting tired/down.
See you later.
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 2:24, archived)
# Yeah, alcohol really isn't the best drug a person can take
but if people know their limits, I think they'll save a trip or two to A&E for an emergency stomach pump.
I'm probably gonna go too, nighty night all. ^^
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 2:42, archived)
# mmm damson :D

meds stuff can be very odd in combinations..
speaking of which i'm done for, nite all :)
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:52, archived)
# Kyoot
Why am I here looking at a cat whilst three of them are sleeping behind me???
(, Sun 22 Apr 2012, 1:58, archived)