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# This, and Atomic would have been nice
but there are so many great artsmakers on b3ta and I'm guessing not too many Battlestar characters
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:12, archived)
# Other instantly recognisable artists: Atomic, Zumf, Drimble, Cockweasle, Prodigy69, Nobby Nobody, Moggy, Discomeats.
With humble apologies to any I've missed.
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:17, archived)
# Yeah once I started thinking about artists to include the list quickly grew
Most of those are on my list for if I get time to do another bunch. I shall add the ones I had missed.
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:22, archived)
# You should do d_d as well
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:25, archived)
# and you yourself Captain
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:29, archived)
# Not sure I post enough hand-drawn stuff for people to recognise it, but kind of you to say so, Milady.
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 12:35, archived)