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[challenge entry] I wish they all could be

Saved from TOAPosity by the addition of a GIS-certified ladette.

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(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:06, archived)
# They're good
But I much prefer Chas n Dave's London Girl

(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:13, archived)
# I know all the words to this song
the best of Chas & Dave was the only tape we had in the car
(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:43, archived)
# I had to buy my mum the Chas n Dave Christmas Album on cassette three times because she listened to it so often at Christmas
(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:51, archived)
# :D
(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:22, archived)
# And why we're at it
why do women do their hair in that combed-back reverse waterfall anti-bangs style? Is it supposed to represent their ushnisa?
(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:35, archived)
# "i wish they all could be canvey island.."
(, Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:44, archived)