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# Help us choose the new Question of the Week
Every week we ask as question, the best and funniest answers appearin in the newsletter.

Vote on one of the following from your suggestions:

Weather stories: A tree snapped in half in the wind and narrowly missed my house yesterday. Tell us extreme weather stories, or just how your commute now takes an extra ten minutes and they're all out of porridge in Pret by the time you get there.

Nepotism: So, it turns out the boss's son is 'good with computers' and got the job you applied for. Get it out here.

Late: Tell us about when you were late. How much trouble did it cause and when will the divorce be finalised?

Acting out your Fantasies: Don't believe a word what people say about threesomes. They're much too like hard work. Have you ever tried acting out your fantasies (sexy or otherwise)? How did it go?

Vote closes after lunch.
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# all of the above, conveniently rolled into one
(, Thu 13 Feb 2014, 14:29, archived)