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# yes exactly
we don't want to change how it looks, just make it work a bit better considering that many people use a mixture of phones & tablets as well as desktop to look at websites these days.

Although I do wonder about font size - I'm writing this on a nice big monitor and the font size is a bit squinty
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:02, archived)
# Ctrl plus, sorted
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:07, archived)
# yeah thanks I do know how to change the font
just wonder if the default shouldn't be so small
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:10, archived)
# Nah font size is great
It's every other website's fonts that are too big and invasive.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2015, 8:38, archived)
# ^this
The font is fine.
(, Mon 6 Apr 2015, 11:28, archived)