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# I was amsued that fucklift was modern enough to have the og:image stuff built in
so it posted on Facebook with a nice little screenshot
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:48, archived)
# I still have no clue what the hell it's all about!
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:51, archived)
# You'll be hearing from my lawyers...
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 15:28, archived)
# I should probably look into that for b3ta
we could goatse everyone on the sly
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 12:21, archived)
# we deffo should stick in stuff like og:image
less keen on goatse for obvious enough reasons
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 12:30, archived)
# og:image?
I've just tried to find out what og:image is. I gave up at "rich object in a social graph".

I think I'm getting old. I remember thinking the marquee tag was cool when it came out...
(, Wed 1 Apr 2015, 21:43, archived)