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[challenge entry] J'accuse...!

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(, Thu 15 Mar 2018, 21:15, archived)
# you've got some nerve
(, Thu 15 Mar 2018, 21:21, archived)
Although ace this is a little unfair on Zizzi when the "Giggling Squid" restaurant is next door which is both shit AND expensive.
(, Fri 16 Mar 2018, 9:43, archived)
# Yeah a little unfair, but I needed a punchline, and the more accurate "failing pizzeria" sounded too Trumpian...
If Corbyn and Putin are to be believed, it's not out of the question that Zizzi didn't just gas a passing russian spook for the publicity...
(, Fri 16 Mar 2018, 9:55, archived)