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[challenge entry] Jacob Ree Smog

For no good reason. Oooh, there's a relevant compo.

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(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 0:23, archived)
# You can only enter old compos if you have a b3ta premium membership
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 0:54, archived)
# I'll have you know
That I willingly pay £5 a month for Rob to be a day late with the newsletter every single week. If that isn't premium, then, good lord, I don't know what is!
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 1:20, archived)
# There's a newsletter?
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 7:52, archived)
The Friday newsletter (Tardy Hebdomadalis) is a skittish beast. Normally expected to appear on the fifth day of the week, just as the sun sinks below the horizon, it often remains in its burrow until it is ready to emerge on a Saturday or even a Sunday.

It was once thought to be close to extinct, but rare sightings last year encouraged a conservation effort and it is now thriving again, although breeding in captivity is tricky but not impossible.
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 9:26, archived)
IUAN has changed it from "Critically Endangered" to "threatened"
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 13:17, archived)
# 8D
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 12:35, archived)
# Great pic!
A candidate for the longest chapter in 'The Boy's Own Bumper Book of Cunts'if ever I saw one.
I hope that Orwell's future vision is predicated on Rees-Mogg's face.
(, Thu 13 Dec 2018, 13:53, archived)