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[challenge entry] it's bad, but it'll get worse

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(, Sun 26 Jan 2020, 16:11, archived)
# It's this sort of hysterical hyperbole that give the rest of us remainers a bad name.
I'm pretty sure we'll still have some of the same pre-existing rights, if not most.
(, Sun 26 Jan 2020, 23:38, archived)
# It seems like a good opportunity to ask for new rights, maybe the right to bear arms or Droit du seigneur for employers.
(, Mon 27 Jan 2020, 17:22, archived)
# Agreed
I voted remain but am constantly ashamed of the hysterical drivel I see daily... people want to see the UK on fire so they can say "I told you so."
(, Tue 28 Jan 2020, 17:12, archived)
# incorrect
EU citizens arriving in the UK, and UK citizens arriving in the EU, will enjoy the same freedom of movement rights. The UK will still be part of existing EU trade deals but will able to negotiate future trade deals.The UK will apparently remain in the customs union and single market so it would be subject to EU regulations. Security co-operation will continue between the UK and EU. The UK will still be subject to EU law and the rulings of the European Court of Justice. It will also effectively stay part of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Whether you voted to leave or remain. Posting nonsense like this makes people not listen to a word you are saying.
(, Wed 29 Jan 2020, 13:10, archived)
# oh ffs
this is b3ta not the daly heil

fact: the government has repeatedly stated that it will not agree to the terms necessary to maintain it's citizen's rights to freely live and work in the eu, therefore all uk citizens lose those rights at the end of the transition period

fact: there are few inalienable rights in the uk, most if not all have been breached by prior governments

anyway, FP, so pthhhbb nya nya nya
(, Thu 30 Jan 2020, 15:57, archived)