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[challenge entry] lamp and lightswitch

makes you think, huh?

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(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 21:44, archived)
# Makes me think of Tom Servo
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 21:48, archived)
# this is the original image i used for the lightswitch
lightswitch clicky!
i think it's the most art i have ever seen in a gif
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 21:53, archived)
# lightswitch clicky indeed
i just couldn't help but click on it, even though i know its just an image on the screen.

There's an idea. An image like that that's got a slice that you can roll over and click and it makes the background change from white to black or a nighttime version of the all the images on the page (easiest done by taking you to a (nighttime) version of the page with a similar http address that ppl would notice the difference in like 3598247659432659.htm and 3598247654932659.htm )
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 21:59, archived)
# dhtml would be quicker
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 22:01, archived)
# I tried...
and here is a linky for a bad flash I made with it...

the fla file is there on that page too if you'd like to d/l and improve on it...

I made 2 whole pages for it... no slices though
(, Mon 22 Jul 2002, 15:19, archived)
# Yay
Best Turner entry I've seen so far.
(, Fri 7 Jun 2002, 21:49, archived)