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# Who ate all the pies
That's not a question


(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 22:54, archived)
# I think
'she' knows.

(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 22:57, archived)
# Not all of them
There's one there, look.

(And woo)
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 22:57, archived)
# clearly
his fat face is obscuring his vision. Think we should tell him?
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 22:59, archived)
# No
I think he's had enough, don't you?
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 23:00, archived)
# And his belly...
Took me a while to notice it wasn't the real doctor!

I have a question too. How do I optimise my clay anim gif that I made. It's 60 odd frames and only 200x149 at 1.3meg! I wanna reduce the filesize so I can post it here!
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 23:00, archived)
# reduce the colours
turn dithering right off... and if you're using ImageReady, turn "lossy" up to 15-20... also, make sure transparency is on even if you're not using it.

could be there's just too much action, but that's (hopefully) unlikely in a claymation.
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 23:03, archived)
# I had that discussion yesterday
There's only so much you can do without reducing size/colours/quality. See here: http://www.b3ta.com/board/1474341
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 23:04, archived)
# Thanks!
Gonna have a go at making it smaller, maybe convert to b&w!
(, Sat 28 Jun 2003, 23:08, archived)