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[challenge entry] Well I think it's a nice thing to do...

And maybe he's not a hate figure. But hey, this is my first ever b3ta post. I'm a newie. Apologies for the bad photoshoppery. I know it's too late for the competiton, but I had this in my head.

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(, Sun 21 Jul 2002, 23:20, archived)
# say what you like about her
she's armless enough....
(, Sun 21 Jul 2002, 23:22, archived)
# Never to late to be dismembering tories.
Welcome to the board. Haven't got any cats
have you ?
(, Sun 21 Jul 2002, 23:23, archived)
# lol
(, Sun 21 Jul 2002, 23:25, archived)