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# Hi there
This is a messageboard for funny pictures that you have made.

New threads without a funny picture/link are considered wasted and this annoys people (especially me) because it pushes other people's hard work off the board quicker. (There are only 15 separate threads per page).

In future if you wish to say something like this it would be preferred if you would jack an existing thread. Please do this politely and offering respect to the person whose thread you jack.

Alternatively shop a nice picture to go with your question/statement etc.

Thanks for being here and enjoy b3ta - please play nicely.
(, Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10:30, archived)
# nice try.
don't think it's going to get you far in this circumstance.
(, Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10:45, archived)
# I got attacked last night
for condensing this argument into one question: "Where's the funny picture?"

From now on, I'll just keep posting this.
(, Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10:51, archived)