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[challenge entry] I only have my TV guide to go on;

The fools don't cover Bournemouth :(

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(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:03, archived)
# They have CSI
that aint porn
Though friday nights is one big wanktastic pornfest.
I watch other channels then...
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:06, archived)
# Dude,
I'm 16, when I look at a TV guide, the only words that stand out are sex, erotica, and soft porn. Oh, and childrens cartoons. Obviously. Infact, I missed Mona the Vampire today. Bastards!
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:10, archived)
# mona the vampire is a very substandard cartoon
i've been watching it for weeks now, and can't stand it. today's involved potatoes and a great aunt i think.

what you want to look out for is the new series of arthur next week.
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:14, archived)
# I would compile a list of the cartoons to watch
like G-Force/Battle of the Planets, but I can't be bothered.
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:18, archived)
# I was actually
Looking forward to the new series of Authur. I know all the words to the theme tune as well, and I'm not afraid to inform my friends of them at any given moment.

I really should get out more :$
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:21, archived)
im 26 and its no different...
(, Fri 9 Aug 2002, 16:15, archived)