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# Chat things
I have a mate and shes has a mac, I have a PC.

We both have the most up to date versions of yahoo and MSN Messenge installed.

Thing is you can't to a video or voice chat over these, says somethign like were using the wrong versions....

Anyone know any chat type things that will allow us to do a voice and or webcam chat .. ?
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 13:59, archived)
# Um.
netmeeting? but i dont think that there is a mac version.

there should be quite a few programs tho, just do a google search..
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:01, archived)
# try
AOHells AIM, that mite have a mac version?
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:07, archived)
# .
It's the same thing, Pc is version 4.7, mac is 4.3...

bloody mac.... bloody graphic designers.... macs pah
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:13, archived)
[challenge entry] mac and pc lovechild issues
yes - this unholy relationship does have an answer... try yahoo messenger - the newest one can supposedly do video etc between 2 platforms
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:18, archived)
# Been there done that....
It's not happy :)
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:21, archived)
# have you
tried Paltalk? might work
(, Thu 5 Sep 2002, 14:31, archived)