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# No reason for anything
I was just messing with his face and liked the way it ended up.

I have it on my desktop right now, but it doesn't quite tile right left/right.
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:46, archived)
# ok
I like it too, just wasn't sure if I was missing something

One of these days, I'm going to figure out how to make tiled images
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:48, archived)
# I use a method of cut and paste
and trial and error - it's very scientific.
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:52, archived)
# try
1)cut his face in two
2)move one side along to one edge, keeping the same height (the arrow keys may help)
3) move the other side to the other edge
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 8:01, archived)