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# hehehe
as if we didn't have enough examples already...not that the usa's last vote was exactly democratic. Nor is the next one likely to be with the electronic voting machine manufacturer swearing to help Bush get re elelcted...
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:51, archived)
# I hadn't heard about that.
Why am I not surprised?
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:52, archived)
# just in Ohio
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 6:01, archived)
# I don't really like the idea
of having an electronic voting system.

I like the old fashioned "Ballot papers in a box" type of thing, where there is physical evidence of all votes cast.

Not that I am silly enough to think that people can't cheat using that method too - I guess theres just some areas where I am not happy relying on technology.
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:54, archived)
# I think it's a good idea
but that the computers should print off a sheet after you've voted so that you have the backup if you need it.

I was telling my friend while he was here that I could make an e voting computer for probably $500 a piece, but they wouldn't trust me if I charged so little.
(, Sat 1 May 2004, 5:57, archived)