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# the fat guy looking at the menu?

no wonder they arent in charge.
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:31, archived)
# He's great.
According to the Daily Mail he is the most hated Tory in Westminster. He am one of those "bedblockers", and apparently keeps slagging off Michael Howard to his face.
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:33, archived)
# You must have balls the size of watermelons
admitting you read the Daily Mail
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:43, archived)
# I didn't admit to reading the Daily Mail - I can't, because I don't
I simply said "according to the Daily Mail".
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:45, archived)
# Quoting a paper
means reading a paper. I admire your courage
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:46, archived)
# Papers I read:
New York Times
Washington Post
Le Monde

Papers I have never paid money for in my life:
Daily Mail
Daily Express
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 11:53, archived)