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Please ...
At your workplace it's alright to be glued to a message board that consists of silly and wonderfilly odd pictures? But you'll get in trouble if one of them depicts a vagina that you can only make out if you look at the pix for more than a second?

Really, I don't like 500x500px of hairy cock on my screen. But I don't see the NSFW in relatively subtle pictures like that.
, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 12:30,
# Should
have gone to Specsavers then
, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 12:31,
# Arf!
But am I THAT wrong?
, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 12:33,
# Hear Hear!
I fully and entirely agree!

Hairy cocks, indeed!
, Thu 16 Sep 2004, 22:06,