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# yay
looks like you've optimised the colours, so the only think you could do to make the file smaller is either reduce the dimensions or turn off dithering. it's not too big though, although it would probably look about the same if it were maybe 70% of the size
(, Fri 11 Oct 2002, 22:49, archived)
# rogan
you were the one who showed me how to optimise files and i never thanked you! so thank you now!
(, Fri 11 Oct 2002, 23:09, archived)
# I'm
a helpful kind of guy :)
(, Fri 11 Oct 2002, 23:11, archived)
# that you are
and we'll be able to thank you in person at the halloween b3ta bash, right?

arrgh! phenomonal typing speed impeded by wine! waaarghh!
(, Fri 11 Oct 2002, 23:14, archived)
# maybe
we'll see...
(, Fri 11 Oct 2002, 23:55, archived)