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# i could be sure
i was there on monday night and didn't see that big hole there.
although it is edinburgh*, so anything's possible.

it's good though, i like.

*unless i'm very much mistaken. or stupid
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:42, archived)
# nah its edinburgh alright
popped up during a search for 'street' - liked it - used it :)
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:46, archived)
# woo!
can i nick it to make a flyer for friday's edinb3tan?
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:50, archived)
# hang on a second
i should really pay more attention. i'm going to be through for the polyphonic spree gig this friday anyway, so i may well have to come along...
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:54, archived)
# lucky bastard!
well we'll be at the hogshead on rose street, so bung your head round there (and shout 'hummus').
(, Thu 17 Oct 2002, 0:01, archived)
# sure
go ahead :)
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:59, archived)
# whee!
(, Thu 17 Oct 2002, 0:01, archived)
# there's
a street just like that one - it's on the other side of the royal mile - that's called cockburn street.

(it's pronounced coburn)
(, Wed 16 Oct 2002, 23:52, archived)
# There;' a street like that in SIlent Hill 2
The streets in that game are drawn after those of the small town I grew up in - San Bruno, CA. It's about 12 miles South of San Francisco. Made it especially fun to play!
(, Thu 17 Oct 2002, 0:01, archived)
# yes -- it's Edinburgh
taken from what was the Grassmarket -- and the One Fat Lady's cookery shop is down the hole somewhere!! Great brush and cheese shops up the hill...
(, Thu 17 Oct 2002, 9:12, archived)
[challenge entry] it's definately Cockburn Street
Pity really - back up that street onto the Royal Mile and down to the next set of traffic lights is a pub called the World's End...
(, Thu 17 Oct 2002, 9:21, archived)