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# Electric Queen Mum
My rudimentary knowledge of physics tells if you sandwich two dissimilar metals and an electrolyte you make a battery.

Now, Queen Mam, gawd rest her soul, will be buried in a lead lined coffin (like all royals who aren't toasted). Coupled with titanium of her hip replacements and the general oozing that bodies tend to do we may well have inadvertantly created a 5 foot wet cell battery.

I think we should harness this energy. Whilst it's not likely to be huge in quantity, I think we could at least rig up one of those blinking red lights like on the Pulse CD box set. That way her 'beauty'/'winning smile'/'whatever crap the BBC are claiming she was today' can shine on for that little longer.
(, Tue 2 Apr 2002, 10:55, archived)
# Inspired
Perhaps we can harness the power of all Royal Parasites (pauses to put on furry hat with red star prominently displyed on front) and attach a wind turbine generator to Prince Philips mouth and use the gigwatts generated hooked up to a metal toilet and fry Fergie
Just a thought(hums the Red Flag under breath and leaves quietly)
(, Tue 2 Apr 2002, 11:01, archived)