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[challenge entry] edit: well i thought it was good :P

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(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 14:54, archived)
# Oh dear
that's like giving requiem for a dream to someone who is depressed.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 15:03, archived)
# I will never, ever watch that film again.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 15:04, archived)
# *puts on*
freaks out, shoots up.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 15:10, archived)
# thanks
that was my plan
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 15:05, archived)
# hahahaha
me and my girlfriend once invited a mate and his date to see that film. They were going through a break up and he was trying to sort things out with her - thus the cinema 'date'. Possibly the worst 'date' film ever. They broke up shortly afterwards.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 15:11, archived)