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# haha wow!
quickest winner ever!

You win a betamax videotape of the first three episodes of Neighbours, and this cardboard cut-out of Anne Charlston. Well done!
(, Mon 23 May 2005, 12:24, archived)
# phwoar
does the cardboard Anne Charlston have real-feel orifices?

edit/ I've censored my answer because I realised I might be spoiling the fun
(, Mon 23 May 2005, 12:25, archived)
# you have to purchase to orifices seperately I'm afraid

Next puzzle more tough! (probably)
(, Mon 23 May 2005, 12:32, archived)
# yay for Betamax
though the Philips V2000 -double sided video tapes were up there too...
(, Mon 23 May 2005, 12:26, archived)