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# I have 2
and I do. Livestrong - the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a cancer research charity and Breast Cancer Care, as if the title didn't spell it out already, a breast cancer research charity. Two people in my family have died in recent years because of cancer, and my boyfriends mum has just beaten for the the second time around.

A lot of people may only buy them because they're fashionable at the moment, but at least some of the money goes to worthy causes.
(, Wed 1 Jun 2005, 19:11, archived)
# woo you, seriously
unfortunately the cheap knock-offs are available next to the burberry caps and fake nikes down the market
(, Wed 1 Jun 2005, 19:14, archived)
# yeah
I've seen the knock-offs. Shame someone was smart enough to realise they could make a quick buck out of it.
(, Wed 1 Jun 2005, 19:16, archived)
# I did say nearly
Go you though
(, Wed 1 Jun 2005, 19:16, archived)