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# Thrust! Parry!

I'll blow the shit out of your techno war maid Mr Tea- and of course all within Queensbury rules. Fancy a gentleman's wager?
(, Mon 5 Nov 2001, 17:31, archived)
# That's the spirit

I'll wager a packet of my finest Gariballdi biscuits. What say you my decapedial friend?
(, Mon 5 Nov 2001, 18:17, archived)
# wow!
I'd love to see these Maids of Battle in action. Any chance of a fucked up game based on this new found wargame anyone?
(, Mon 5 Nov 2001, 19:14, archived)
# Yeah
this reminds me of an old arcade game where you were a tank and you had to shoot stuff
(, Tue 6 Nov 2001, 0:30, archived)
# a quick strike from one of these...
... would do the trick. gloves at 10 o'clock.
(, Tue 6 Nov 2001, 2:50, archived)