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[challenge entry] quicko compo posto
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(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 12:28, archived)
# ha ha!
i got that one alot!

put that down!
it's not a fucking toy ya know!
(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 12:31, archived)
# That's very good.
I use that a lot with my little brats darlings.

Can I pearoast my compo entry from the middle of a previous night please?

This is who is on the other end of the line:

Thanks, I already have.

(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 12:39, archived)
# The other end of the line
of a remote control?
(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 12:43, archived)
# No, of a phone.
When you phone the police about your children being naughty.

I was just cheekily reposting and apologise from my bottom.
(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 12:47, archived)