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# Yay!
That's a fantastic costume, it must be done!

Decided, in a moment of drunken foolishness last night, that I shall be a bee this hallowene. Surprisingly excited.
(, Sun 23 Oct 2005, 20:39, archived)
# "Hey, I'm da bee!"

Woo and hull to the pic
(, Sun 23 Oct 2005, 20:44, archived)
# Huzzah!
All the best ideas come whilst drunk, this is no different. :)
(, Sun 23 Oct 2005, 21:02, archived)
# Thankyou!
We also decided my mate will be going as David Hasslehoff. Honestly and truly? I can't wait.
(, Sun 23 Oct 2005, 21:11, archived)
# I made a bomb
to go with my terrorist outfit for a fancy dress party

it looked like this

it beeps and everything
(, Mon 24 Oct 2005, 5:08, archived)
# Worry
Did you travel to the party in costume? Public transport?
(, Mon 24 Oct 2005, 12:56, archived)
# Pfft
Modem tastic
(, Mon 24 Oct 2005, 15:02, archived)
# brilliant, a james bond bomb.
Isn't it kind of terrorists to put big LED timers on their bombs? And the beeping noise that no-one notices? I suppose its to give everyone a sporting chance.
(, Tue 25 Oct 2005, 0:20, archived)